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Humble Clark Undergrads Host National Pogo Contest

Abby Wilkes and Leo Brisson, hosts of the (reasonably) popular radio show “Punk Far and Wide” pushed Clark radio to new limits on Tuesday, hosting the tri-annual PogOH for World Peace. While the expose of hops, flips and cool sticks might have garnered negative media attention in the last few years (due to one or two broken bones), the Pogo Contest lept to new heights with commentary from Wilkes and Brisson. “It’s been a long road for us” Wilkes said, hitting a triple corkscrew flip on her pogo stick.

Punk Far and Wide, this week, featured a tracklist of winter-break favorites, including Gal Costa and Nina Simone tracks. Plus, listeners heard 80’s and 90’s indie-rock deep cuts from PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth, Swirlies and Kleenex. Abby and Leo talked Pogo-culture, Buffalo Sauce prominence on campus culture and other happenings.

A briefing shared by the show hosts is posted below:

After suggestions from Clark University’s Buffalo Sauce Ambassadors, new campus language is suggested, aiming towards a newly reified demand for student engagement. Terms like Buffalo, Ranch, Celery, and Wings should be used frequently as exclamations, adjectives and even catchy names.


Queen of Eyes - The Soft Boys

Reeling - 4-Track Demo - PJ Harvey

Die Matrosen - Kleenex

Cool It Down - The Velvet Underground

Let’s Move To The Country - Smog

Mizu Asobi - Asobi Seksu

Credit In The Straight World - Young Marble Giants

Third Uncle - Bauhaus

Flor De Maracuja - Gal Costa

100% - Sonic Youth

Chris R. - Swirlies

Suzanne - Nina Simone

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