Image by Dave Weatherall


Sigmund Freud once said, “Time spent with ROCU is never wasted”. Or something like that, anyway.

If good ol’ Sig did as good a job convincing you as he did us, then simply fill out the application below, click your heels three times, and a ROCU staff member will get in touch!  If you can’t seem to find the application below please email one of our E-Board Members!

ROCU (Pronounced ‘rock you’) is a student-run, freestyle internet radio station operating out of Worcester’s own Clark University with a love of music and a taste for liberty! Our live programming, which streams from 11:00am to 1:00am, is entirely run by our Student DJs, who host a large variety of shows! With over 100 student DJs some discuss sports or life, others play a wide variety of music from classical to electronic and everything in between.

You can also check out our student DJ talent and join in on the ROCU Cafe Nights, hosted every other Tuesday night each semester in the Clark University Grind from 8-10pm. You can also check out the events we have going in on our Clark U LINK page or email us at

Ready to Join in on the fun? Check out our page how you can get involved.

Keep listening, and stay fly.